Harald Sverdrup

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Harald Sverdrup is Professor of Systems Dynamics at the Gameschool, Inland Norway University, Hamar, Norway. He was earlier at Industrial Engineering at the University of Iceland for 5 years, before that Professor of Chemical Engineering at Lund University, Sweden since 1994. His work has been concentrated on assessment of sustainability for a range of natural or man-made systems. Prof. Sverdrup has done basic research in the fields of silicate weathering, mineral dissolution kinetics, soil chemistry, biogeochemistry of tree and plant growth in natural systems, biomedical dynamics and biodiversity mechanisms.  Sverdrup built integrated assessment models for sustainable terrestrial ecosystems (Forest ecosystems, grasslands, agricultural production systems) under pollution stresses for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. He developed the critical loads concept in Europe under the UN/ECE-LRTAP convention to halt acid rain and assisted implementing it in 27 European countries. He developed global systems dynamics models for global resource supply and its effects on the world economy. He was the president of K. A. Rasmussen Precious Metals Industry in Norway for seven years, specializing in refining and recycling of precious metals. Harald was Entrepreneur of the Year in Norway in 2012 and has started many companies.

  • Systems dynamics
  • Global resource supply modeling
  • Biogeochemistry

Inland Norway University


Professor of Systems Dynamics


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