kathrin greiff

Kathrin Greiff

Committee Member


Prof. Dr. Kathrin Greiff studied and obtained her doctorate at the Technical University of Munich (TUM) in the field of environmental planning and engineering ecology. After her studies, she worked at the German Advisory Council on the Environment (SRU) from 2006 to 2008 and as a doctoral student at the Chair of Raw Materials and Energy Technology at TUM until 2009. Following her doctorate, she was employed as a project manager at the Wuppertal Institute for Climate, Environment, Energy gGmbH in the department of Sustainable Production and Consumption from 2010 to 2020. Since September 2020, she is leading department for Anthropogenic Material Cycles at RWTH Aachen University as a university professor. In addition, she is appointed as Rectorate Representative of RWTH for Sustainability and is responsible for the field of action Research. She is also active as a Core Member in the Center of Circular Economy (CCE) of RWTH, which was founded in December 2020. In addition to her teaching and research tasks, Prof. Greiff is also active in the DIN standardization committee “Circular Economy” and as an expert for the field of resources & material cycles in the expert committee Resources & Agrobusiness for the Rhenish mining area. For the research focus “Energy, Environment & Sustainability” of the FernUni Hagen she is active in the advisory board.

Her main areas of work are: Sustainability assessment of product systems in the context of Circular Economy, simulation and assessment of recycling processes esp. sensor-based sorting processes, sustainable resource management, regional material flows and recycling, monitoring and indicator systems for sustainability and Circular Economy.

  • Sustainability assessment product systems
  • Simulation and assessment of recycling processes
  • Circular economy

Aachen University




Sufficiency, value chains