Online Poster Presentations

Resources for Planetary Well-Being - scaling back to sufficiency for all-beings

Dr. Robert Perey, Prof. Dr. Andre Reichel

Circular Economy and SDG12: A singular congruence

Wladimir Motta, Marcelo Meiriño

The Green Game: Using Gamification to Promote Environmental Conservation and Tree Planting in Urban Areas

Riddhi Kasar, Tarun Kumar

System of Networks of Technological Waste Companies in Panama

Amarilis De León, Ángel Zazo, María Luisa Paz, Virginia Juárez, Saúl Ardines

Contents of metallic trace elements and pollution parameters in the soils of the Komabangou gold mining area in NIger

Alassane Boukari Soumaila

Technical and Economic Proposal for the Design of a Photovoltaic Panel Recycling Plant

Esteban Salfate Osses, Lorena Muñoz del Campo

Capacity Mapping: The Material Value of Inclusion, Participation and Transparency

Monica Ospina

Upskilling workers in energy transitions

Lindsay Moses

Reimaging Slums: A Low-cost Modular Housing Solution for the Bottom of the pyramid

Sana Fatima Khan, Tarun Kumar

Adding the F-word to environmental and social governance

Leezola Zongwe

The limits of small sustainable fashion brands and a proposal to overcome them

Anatolia Hinojosa, Giulio Focardi, Lorenza Salati

Development of Smartphone App for Sustainable Waste Management in the Manufacturing Sector

Vishal Gadgihalli

Comparative studies of climate smart agricultural practices in peripheral and host communities of protected and conservation areas in Ghana and Deutschland

Aminu Bonifacio

An Integrated Framework for Vertical Farming in Developing Countries

Arohee Sinha, Tarun Kumar

ICT and clean cooking fuel adoption: the case of urban households in Cameroon

Armand Totouom

Feminine Hygiene Product for Homeless Women

Archa Sunil